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We are a small law firm specializing in bankruptcy in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. We make sure that all our clients feel comfortable and can fully understand their rights and options. Our team will guide you in every step of the way so you can have a smooth and well-thought plan in filing for bankruptcy.

What Bankruptcy Can Do: 

* Stop Garnishments

* Stop Trustee Sales

* Eliminate Debts 

* Lower Car Payments

* Lower Loan Payments

* Get Out of Lease Agreements

* Can Keep You From Losing Property 

* Extend Repayment up to 5 Years

* Prevent Loss of Tax Refund 

* Block Collection Calls 

* Save Your Home from Foreclosure 

* Consolidate Debts 

* Reduce Interest Rates 

* Pay Back Arrears 

* Prevent Car Repossession 

* Eliminate Medical Debt 

* Protect Bank Account from Garnishments

* Get Your Repossessed Car Back